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For those who are old enough to remember, shopping furniture for the home was pretty much a guarantee that you will be purchasing a quality products made in the USA.  Through resent economic changes and pressures, it has become much harder to find American-made furniture, especially at today’s large chain stores.  Importing of attractive looking furniture by using inferior and inexpensive raw materials, finishes, assembly techniques and labor costs has grown at an all-time high.  Unfortunately, too many customers today have evolved strictly into shopping for low price only, and ignoring the quality factor before making the purchase. As a result, they wind up buying what they consider a good deal, until the realize that have to replace or repair their furniture after a short lifespan.

Keeping the Faith in American-made Furniture

Solid Metal FurnitureWe recognize these changes and pressures to go “lower end” to compete with the big boys, but we will never forget why we have succeeded even through the toughest of economic times in the past 45 years.  We will never give up our pledge to offer the public quality American-made furniture.  King Dinettes puts quality first over selling what we call “imitation” imported furniture.  When we sell a superior-made furniture product to a customer, we know it not only benefits them, it benefits us as well. By lowering the quality we offer, the high complaints and service requests we would receive. Instead, we have kept our heads up high and not bailed on our roots of selling American-made furniture.

Why Buy American over Imported Furniture?

Amish-made FurnitureThere is without any doubt that furniture made in America is still superior to any furniture imported from China.  Today’s American manufacturers only use the strongest materials, most durable finishes, and the finest construction techniques in the world. Our American-made furniture is only made of raw materials from the US and is built to last a lifetime and beyond.  All of our solid wood furniture suppliers use selected hardwoods harvested right here in the forests of the Northeast.  Our American metal furniture suppliers only use steel manufactured in the US as well.

By supporting American-made furniture, we are also supporting American workers.  It puts a smile on our face when our clients come in asking if this or that is American-made, because we know they are in the right place with us.  While some see “value” in a low cost purchase, we see value in a long lasting quality product.  To us, quality products equals happy customers and continued success.

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