Livonia Desk Chair

The Hunt For Swivel Tilt Caster Chairs

There is no reason to go back from Swivel tilt caster chairs, so comfortable, so practical, from an ordinary chair, right? These chairs were so popular in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and still today. Unfortunately, swivel tilt caster chair company’s made in America are practically out of business or no more. Our “bread and butter”… Read more »

Solid Elm Furniture

The Beauty Of Solid Elm Furniture

Solid elm furniture has its own unique graceful and beautiful grain and strength totally unique from all other hardwood species. Its originality in its woolly looking appearance attracts the eye with an awe feeling. As some furniture makers try to duplicate the appearance of elm wood using techniques such as laminates and veneers, they will… Read more »

Quarter Sawn Oak Furniture

Quarter Sawn Oak Furniture

Quarter sawn oak furniture is in high demand today for its unique grain pattern, strength, and artistic beauty. Quarter sawn oak does not expand and contract as much as standard cut oak. Because it can withstand the elements of temperature and humidity change, many antique furniture pieces were made from quarter sawn oak. When quarter… Read more »

Bar Stool Height And Size

Choosing a Bar Stool Height and Size

Measuring For the Correct Bar Stool Size Seat Height Bar stools can used at a variety of places ranging from kitchen islands to recreational bar setting or high tables. However, all these dining surfaces will vary in height so then we need to determine the correct bar stool size and seat height. No matter how… Read more »

72" Round Dining Tables

72 Inch Round Dining Tables

King Dinettes is proud to offer custom 72 inch round Dining tables. For looking for a large round table to seat 8 persons or more, we have 72″ round dining tables in various styles and colors of your choice. We offer a Canadian manufacturer Bermex that makes  72″ round dining tables in any wood finish color… Read more »

Surya Area Rugs

Featuring Surya Area Rugs

An Authorized New Jersey Surya Area Rugs Showroom King Dinettes is proud to offer our clients an option to complete there dining room dreams with the best of custom area rugs by Surya. Surya is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of area rugs and home accessories. For over 35 years the name Surya has been synonymous with… Read more »