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Canadel Furniture is a pioneer and leader in custom dining furniture for over 20 years in existence.  Family owned since 1982, Canadel has been inventing newer ways to please their customers in designing the own size, shape, and color of their choice.  Today, furniture shoppers visually personalize their custom creation with Canadel’s own patented U Design Tool.

U-Design Tool For iPadNow, you can hand pick every aspect of your dining creation with your own style and personalized design with the U Design Tool by Canadel. Whether at home on your PC, on the go with your iPad or Smartphone, or even in front of our showroom U-Design workstation, you can start designing your purchase right in front of your eyes.  Now you can see the table, chair, or storage unit exactly how it appears before you make a purchase.  It has never been any easier to view your favorite chair style, in your matching wood color, upholstered in your fabric swatch of your choice, all with a couple mouse clicks or screen touches.

The Canadel U Design Tool is especially beneficial for those who struggle to imagine how the furniture collection or piece is going to look before it is actually delivered to their home.  Pre-creating the custom furniture on a monitor of choice provides a sense of comfort before making a serous purchase and investment.

Canadel U-Design ToolAs a long successful partner with Canadel and their innovating furniture products, King Dinettes endorses the Canadel U Design Tool even if it only helps makes our client make that final decision before purchase a high quality product. We enjoy watching our customers have fun with our own U-Design workstation, as they can do anywhere in the world with their own personal devices.

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