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Bar Stool Size

Measuring For the Correct Bar Stool Size Seat Height

Bar Stool SizeBar stools can used at a variety of places ranging from kitchen islands to recreational bar setting or high tables. However, all these dining surfaces will vary in height so then we need to determine the correct bar stool size and seat height. No matter how high the dining top surface is from the floor, a bar stool’s height is always has the same rule of thumb. A bar stool’s seat height must be about 10 to 12 inches lover the than surface type. For example, most kitchen islands are standard 36″ high from the floor, so subtract 10 to 12 inches from 36 to provide that eating island with a 24 to 26 inch bar stool. Adjustable height bar stools come in handy for any surface height.

How Much Space Is Needed Per Bar Stool?

Generally, the space for a bar stool needed along the perimeter is 24 inches or the two foot rule. It really does not matter how wide or narrow the bar stool size itself is because 24 inches gives enough comfortable space between two or more sitting at the bar area. However, 30 inches or 2 and 1/2 feet are needed between bar stools with arms on them. This will give more space for the person on an arm stool to get on and off of it. If you are limited in space, there is no problem setting your bar stools closer than recommended. These are just ideal numbers.

Other Bar Stool Size Variables to Consider

Bar Stool Size
Most bar surfaces have an overhang that can vary. For those bar surfaces that have less of an overhang, you may want to purchase bar stools that are less deep in size than others. Also, in narrow walkways behind the stools, keep this in mind as well. Be wary when buying bar stools with arms because some bar stool arms can be built too high to tuck underneath a surface overhang if this is what you intended.

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