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Table Pads For Every Size

Custom Table PadsWe are proud to offer our clients custom table pads to help protect their wood tables for scratches and heat marks. Our table pads are manufactured by our friends at Ohio Table Pad Company. Our table pads have a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship, and are a full 1/2″ thick. The Tops are made of a durable stain and waterproof vinyl top, and the bottom is felted for maximum table protection. Each table pad is individually crafted to fit your table and the color you choose, and folds away for easy storage prix du viagra au quebec. We can also provide you with optional leaf storage protection bags as well. Table pads provide you with a peace of mind knowing that your brand new beautiful table is well protected.


Custom Table Pad Benefits

Table Pads NJTable pads can protect from everyday objects such as silverware, rough dishes, and keys that with time can scratch the wood surface. Direct sunlight can fade your table top over a period of time, but a table pad can prevent this from occurring. Although these pads not not technically a hot mat, they still can protect up to 550 degrees of heat on prevent damage from accidental candle wax spills.  Table Pads also provide sound absorption, to decrease party noise at large gatherings. Table Pads are also great for children when they do homework or arts and crafts projects. Give us a call or visit our store to place your order for a personal custom table pad.


Custom Table Pad Video:


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