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If you have decided to introduce new wood furniture for your home, it is important to first identify whether it is actual solid wood furniture or not.  In today’s furniture market, especially among the larger corporate chain stores, wood furniture is not entirely, if at all, made of actual solid wood pieces. Although these imitation pieces may be less expensive than genuine solid wood, they are never intended to last a life-time.

Inspecting Solid Wood Furniture

Following The Glue Line Joints

For solid wood dining and occasional tables, an easy way to identify the top is solid is by examining whether to top grain pattern exactly mirrors the grain underneath the table.  A perfect match means the the same piece of wood is solid all the way through.  There is a high probability that an inexpensive “wood-looking” table has a negative match and made out wood laminate veneer glued over high density hardboard, or as we call it, “compressed paper”. Chances are that when you have concluded that the table top is solid, the credible furniture maker created the entire table out of solid wood.

Solid Wood DrawersFor solid case pieces, wall units, and bedroom shortage units, the same identifying methods with tables can apply. Today, many furniture makers like to cut costs by only making the visual parts such as door and drawer fronts only solid wood.  An easy way to examine these pieces in to pull out a drawer or open the doors to look inside. If the grain pattern of inside panels do not mirror the outside appearance, then again, it is not solid wood. By pulling out and examine the drawers, you can also see if the sides and backs or wood veneer or solid wood.

Dont be tricked by Solid Wood Furniture Marketing

After a little practice with visual analysis on solid wood furniture, should not ever be fooled again by the tricks of corporate furniture chains.  Also, try not to be tricked into the way wood furniture is labeled to the public. For example, cherry is a tree, not a color.  When you see an item labeled “cherry finished”, do not assume your buying a solid cherry wood heirloom that will last a lifetime.

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