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Our wood high dining sets are made from American select hardwoods such as solid birch, oak, cherry, maple, or ash. All parts and materials are made from 100% solid wood. Any of our high dining dining arrangements come in the shape and size of your choice. Do not worry about the wood color, because we have the color to match your decor. Any chair be sold separately or with any other table style we offer.

Wood High Dining Sets Are The Latest Trends

Also known as gathering height, pub, or counter height tables, our wood high dining sets have become very popular in recent years. The are a great solution for a kitchen or dining room to add extra work space considering the convenient height they are displayed in. Also, the work great for table settings they require to look over a half wall, or in front of a display window. We often recommend our wood high dining sets to clients with physical disabilities. It is much easier to get in and out of a higher dining set then having to bend down lower and lift up out higher from a standard height table.Visit our showroom to view all our wood high dining set options.

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