Cabin Creek Wall Unit

Cabin Creek Wall Unit

Our Cabin Creek Wall Unit made by Nisley Cabinet represent quality, customization, and lifetime guarantee during any purchase. Made in the USA by the finest craftsmen, your sure your piece is made of 100% solid wood of your choice. View all are styles and remember that that they can be created to your specific specifications beside what we show you here with their standard specs. We can change a closed door to a glass door for example. Visit our showroom and our expert salesperson will make your creation come true!

•Choice your wood species: Solid red oak, quarter sawn white oak, maple, or solid cherry.
•Choose wood finish colors. Special hardware choices.
•Choose your drawer and door configuration.
•Custom Sizes Available!
•Amish-made in the USA
•Lifetime Guarantee

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Center Console (TV Stand) w/ 2 Doors & Adjustable Shelf:
26.25″H X 49″W X 18.25″D
26.25″H X 54″W X 18.25″D

Center Console (TV Stand) w/ 2 Drawers, 2 Doors & 2 Adjustable Shelves:
26.25″H X 60″W X 18.25″D
26.25″H X 66″W X 18.25″D

Top Center Hutch w/ 1 Fixed Shelf & 1 Adjustable Shelf:
56.75″H X 49″W X 18.25″D (TV Opening: 45″W X 31″H, 39.25″H If Shelf Removed)
56.75″H X 54″W X 18.25″D (TV Opening: 50″W X 31″H, 39.25″H If Shelf Removed)
56.75″H X 60″W X 18.25″D (TV Opening: 56″W X 31″H, 39.25″H If Shelf Removed)
56.75″H X 66″W X 18.25″D (TV Opening: 62″W X 31″H, 39.25″H If Shelf Removed)

Left & Right Base Unit w/ 1 Door, 1 Drawer, 1 Adjustable Shelf & DVD Area:
34.5″H X 24″W X 18.25″D

Left & Right Hutch Top w/ Open Or Glass Doors & Adjustable Shelves:
48.5″H X 24″W X 12″D

*4 Can Lights On Top

*Custom Sizes Available!

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