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King Dinettes Offers custom American-made solid wood dining sets in any size, shape, or wood color. Yes, you can view all of our dining sets in rectangle, round, oval, square, or boat shape. However, all of these styles come in all of these shapes shown. Any chair can be purchased separately or with any table shape you desire. Now matter what shape and size you decide in purchasing one of our solid wood dining sets, we will give you the choice of numerous wood finish colors and unlimited fabric upholstery swatches to complete your interior design.

North American-made Solid Wood Dining Sets

Our solid wood dining sets are made here domestically so you can design your own custom dining set the way you want it. No more going to store to store looking for the right style, in the right size, and in the right color for your decor. At King Dinettes, We are a one stop shop that you will get what you need no matter what. We are a fully custom shop and and can design any of our solid wood dining sets they way you need it.

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