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Wood Kitchen ChairsWhen buying wood kitchen chairs, it is extremely important to inspect how the chair is constructed. The majority of our clients instead of buying a complete new set are replacing the kitchen chairs only. Their table seems to still be fine after so many years, but their chairs are shot to the ground. There is an obvious and simple reason for this: no one usually sits or stands on their kitchen tables on a daily basis! Wooden kitchen chairs take a lot of abuse compared to less used yet highly valued dining room chairs. We like to tell our clients, “No, it is not just a kitchen chair, it is a daily asset”.  People well too often overlook the quality of the kitchen chair’s construction over its overall look and price. When it is all said in done, you pay for what you get and you will find this out the hard way if not careful. Therefore we need to know the key elements in wooden kitchen chair construction before our next purchase.

Purchasing Strong Wood Kitchen Chairs

Just about everyone can relate to at one time or another sitting on an older wooden kitchen chair that rocks when you sit on it, sways side to side, or just gives to a point of no return (lets hope you did not hurt yourself!). When analyzing wood kitchen chairs while shopping, we always inform the customer to turn the chair upside down.  All the clues and answers are not on the item description, price tag, advertisement, or even from some furniture salespeople. They are right there in front of you, underneath the chair.

Inspecting the Origin and Species of Wood Kitchen Chairs

After flipping over the selected kitchen chair of choice, the very first and important clue we usually find is a stamp or tag of the chair’s country of origin.  Where the wood kitchen chair comes from is very much related to probable wood species and how its built. For example, if the stamp says “Made in China” or “Made in Malaysia , nine times out of ten the chair is made from a popular local tree called “rubberwood”. Although rubberwood is classified as a hard wood, it is probably softest of all hardwoods used in the furniture industry. Softer woods do not hold up well at joints, glue lines, screws, bolts, etc., as harder woods like oak, birch, or maple. Therefore, look for wooden kitchen chairs made in the America, because we only use the proven hardest woods grown domestically from our local forests.

Wood Kitchen Chair Construction Features

Bolted Joints with No Corner Blocks or Glue (The Worst)

After identifying the origin and species of the wood kitchen chairs, now we need to look at the joint construction. Standard wood chairs are constructed with four legs connecting to a square frame below the chair seat. Inspect for corner block reinforcements at this location. The worst chair would have no corner blocks, a better chair will have some type of corner blocks, and the strongest wood kitchen chair will have “finger-jointed” corner blocks. Bolted Corner Blocks (No Finger Jointing)Corner blocks, chair legs are then anchored together with glue, screws, or threaded bolts. If possible, avoid chairs anchored together by threaded bolts. This chair type was invented to lower the cost by ready-to-assemble (RTA) construction by the average buyer and also allows the disassembled chair to be imported in a small box to lower the cost. They tend to loosen easy over time, after daily repetitive use from pressure and vibrations.
Glued Finger-Jointed Mortise and Tenon with Stretcher (The Best)

Domestic wood kitchen chairs are already assembled from the factory are delivered in a large box because they are glued and clamp dried with proven finger jointing and mortise and tenon joinery techniques.  An added feature to any wood chair is stretchers connecting between the chair legs.  Stretchers usually run horizontal to the floor provide extra assurance against the chair legs giving in. Chairs built in this fashion can not be assembled by the average buyer, but have a much higher lifespan, if not a lifetime.

Where is Purchase Quality Wood Kitchen Chairs

To conclude what we have discussed, it is best to look to purchase quality wood kitchen chairs from furniture stores that offer and promote American-made furniture. Chairs imported overseas, especially from Asia, are usually knocked down or RTA, sacrificing quality for lower costs, and are made from inferior hardwoods. King Dinettes offers the best in quality wood kitchen chairs made here in the USA. Our solid wood bar stools are also built to last as well. Visit our large showroom and one sales experts will gladly assist you in showing how our hundreds of American-made kitchen chairs are constructed.

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