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King Dinettes carries the latest designs of urban contemporary furniture for the living, kitchen, dining, and bedroom areas. All of our contemporary products are made domestically either in the United States, or by our partners across the border in Quebec, Canada. Giving choices of color options, and some times custom sizes, our contemporary furniture is backed by a minimum of a 5 to 10 year warranty. Our contemporary furniture not only can be the prefered style of urban environments, but are often used in remodeled rural areas as well.

Contemporary vs. Modern Furniture

When we here the word “modern”, most also consider the word to mean contemporary as well. However, that is not usually the case. “Contemporary Furniture” is today’s lastest styles by designers while “modern” means contemporary during a specific time period. Furthermore, modern furniture design adheres to an explicit and strict set of stylistic principles. Unlike modern design, contemporary design is always evolving. It draws from a variety of historical styles, and it has the benefit of integrating emergent technologies and materials.  

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